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Strat for 50 - 100% a Year - More Details, First Trade and End of Week GBPUSD Plan

Strat for 50 - 100% a Year - More Details, First Trade and End of Week GBPUSD Plan
Part 1

If someone said to me, "Hey, I've got $10 million and want 15% a year . I don't want to be in the market more than 3 hours a week". I'd say, "I got this. Give me close of New York session on Friday to 2 hours before the market close. Easy gig."

You may be asking yourself, why the end of the market on a Friday? Is this not the worst time to be trading? I'll let you into a secret ... I am phenomenal at procrastinating. That's why!

It's is actually part of a larger theory. I think there are tendencies towards weeks that have had certain price action to complete certain patterns. The closer to the end of the week we get, the more checkpoints in these patterns price will have had to hit. If any of the important checkpoints fail, no trade. If they all match up, highly confluence confirmed trade - high expectancy of profitability or flat results.

I've explained some of the tendencies in post where someone was asking if we think day of the week is important.
In the correct market conditions weeks tend to close with small wicks on the close side. This tells us they close strong, and therefore the is undeniable logic in the idea that if price is not at the high/low on Friday morning, you could really close your eyes and make a profitable trade just betting the week closes strong and make money any week it does.

Of course not all weeks do close strong, but once we add the prerequisites of a trading day explained in part 1, it is far more likely we will have a week that ends strongly. We then further improve our chance of this being confirmed or filtered out as invalid by using short tern intra-day strategies that are used for trend following. What this gives us is a marry up of a macro plan and a micro plan, using meta strategies to execute into the business end of things. We have the luxury of information. With good preparation we can use that information to stack our statistical probabilities favourably.

Another concept worth being aware of is time of day (TOD). The markets will often have cycles in which they move. In the same way some weeks action can be seen to follow an almost template like sort of price action, so can the hours throughout the day.

When the market is to make a trending move, we often see this broken up into these sort of timezones.

1 - Low/high of the day is made in or around the hour of the London open.
2 - The reversal move from that will usually taper out in the hours around New York.
3 - Chicago open time will usually give a correction of the days move.
4 - In the last 4 to 5 hours of the week price will usually make new high/low in line of weeks prevailing direction.
5 - Usually some sort of spike happens 1 - 2 hours before the market closes. This is an exit signal if targets have not hit.
These can be a couple hours or so out, but if they are drastically out I am less inclined to trade. It's not meeting my checklists.

An interesting quirk of the Forex markets i as I mentioned above London is often the high/low of the day in a trend. Why is this? I do not know. I'd speculate it's something to do with London being the largest session and for them to put on their positions in the morning they do a stop run (creating the H/L) and then reverse the market. The same theory could be applied to why New York corrects the London move, to spike out stops and get better liquidity on their entry.

In the right conditions, it happens quite a lot. This is what makes trade 2 in this sequence such a good trade. As well as it having multiple reasons to back it up and having it's own trend meta strategy to engage with, it's also working inside the framework of London often being the low on any given trending day, and Friday tending to end strong. What is the space in-between these called? Free money! Okay, that's a bit much. I'd say it qualifies as a "Place of interest", though.

This all looks great on paper, but can it practically be applied in the market? Yes. This is what I want to show you.

In part 1, I showed the GBPUSD chart I was looking at for my possible Friday trade.

Here is today's action. I've started by drawing a fib from the low of the big move up to the high. People will wonder why it's not from the very low ... and I am one of they people. I've done this a lot, and when you see this big impulsive leg like this (psst, people will usually alert you to when these happen in forum chatter, usually in the guise of unexpected news events) this is where to draw the fib from.

I drop in pending orders, I risk 0.2 in two pending orders. I am willing to take more risk and add more positions if I see what I am looking for, but I want low risk on first touch pending orders I may not be here to see. In this case I wasn't. One of my orders filled, one missed. Had I been at my desk, I'd have executed other trades here based on the price action at the 61.8% (shown in part 1).
The green line shows my trade.
I exit by trailing stop close to the high of the swing. As explained in P1, I am looking for a failed high here (or tiny breakout) to exit and await a re-load. I now draw my fibs from the low to the high of this swing (if the high changes, I have to adjust my fibs. I set alerts to tell me if this happens, and I set alerts on my entry area to look for PA entries). Again I set pending orders with low risk, and intend to scale up if I like what I see.
It's possible I've missed this. There was a spike down from the approx area I'd expect that came up ever so short of the 61.8. With it only having one low this is not something I could have taken advantage of. I used to think of these as missed opportunities, but realistically the amount I can control my risk going for these trades makes it an overall negative edge (loses over 100's trades). A trader with a cooler mind tends to drive a cooler car. I do not chase these.

If I get my fill on these in the next hour or two, I will be looking for an impulse leg up into new highs, and if I see that I will also expect there to be some little climax (spike) to the move. My trading actions for this are explained in part 1.

Current Gain = 0.2%
Max risk exposure possible - 0.4%
Max real equity drawdown - < 0.1%
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Bitcoin Price Prediction for June 24, 2016

Market Commentary (BTC):
All aboard!!! Within a matter of 24 hours traders went from jumping for life boats to desperately trying to hop back on the luxury liner. The main catalyst for the overnight rally was the successful Brexit vote in the UK, which was highly unexpected and apparently not all that well prepared for.
​Global forex and equity markets are getting slammed lower, gold and sovereign bonds are ripping higher, industrial commodities are underperforming, and cryptocurrency (bitcoin) is catching and keeping a bid. While we would not be surprised to see a pullback over the weekend as the market continues to digest the implications of the referendum outcome, we think there is a pretty good likelihood that the 555 $ bear trap low is all we'll get before another run at the highs.
Let's take a look at the 4-hour chart below for more detail on the short to medium term forecast. We can see that the market did indeed put in a local bottom at the 555 $ level, which was right in the middle demand area on either side of the 200 SMA. Then following a tweezer bottom the market began to press to the upside as the tides turned in the UK vote, and when the near term EMA's and MT uptrend line were broken higher we saw even more FOMO kick in...
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